The Sundance Sisters

Amber and Alaina

Co-created by Fort Worth natives, Amber and Alaina, aka the Sundance Sisters. Family owned & operated.





Migraine Sufferers

"I suffer from really bad migraines and have to go to bed or go to the hospital. I get botox every 3 months. My doctor told me about CBD oil and i now take it. I know longer take the botox and the migraines are almost gone. This stuff is the BEST!!"

— L.F.

Animal Lovers!

"My dog has a neurological disorder and because of your oil I have taken him from 23 milligrams twice a day of phenobarbital to 8 twice a day!!!! Of course I’m beyond happy. Thanks so much.”

— D.S.

Anxiety Relief

"These products are amazing!! I've had a hard time finding different ways to tell the world what I love about these! I have done the CBD tinctures. I have always had anxiety issues and since I started using the oils I have noticed a HUGE improvement. I know it cannot ‘cure’ anxiety but know that it's under control and I feel the joy of simply going out to dinner with friends, is unbelievable! LOVE!"

— S.A.